The Epilogue to Quantifying Differences between the Regular Season and the Playoffs

This is a brief analysis to answer a question by Tom Tango on my article, Quantifying Differences between the Regular Season and the Playoffs

Quantifying Differences between the Regular Season and Playoffs using Survival Analysis

From a casual fan perspective, the intensity traditionally ramps up in the playoffs because teams are closer to the grand prize, the Stanley Cup.

A Quick Jab at K-Means Clustering

I grouped Twitter accounts by "popularity measure", a quick and easy way (I came up with it) to quantify the popularity of a twitter account

Are Teams getting Lucky on Rushes?

When you watch an offensive rush in hockey, do you ever wonder about the numbers behind it?

2018 REU Tricks in R

My intent in this blog post is to share some of the tricks I learned in R to manipulate and visualize data inside the tidyverse

2018 REU Summary of a Data Mining Paper

This is a summary of the paper Discovery and Temporal Analysis of Latent Study Patterns in MOOC Interaction Sequences written by Mina Shirvani Boroujeni

2018 REU Wine Quality Prediction with caret

On June 14th, 2018, I participated in a Data Hackathon as part of the REU program at George Mason University.

2018 REU What does it mean to do research?

Drawing upon my experience so far, I believe that research is the act of contributing new knowledge to society through hard work, creativity, and belief. In the next few paragraphs, I want to explain what each of these components mean and their connections to research. Research requires hard work. In order to start a research project, I need to read through many research papers that cover similar topics to understand the current knowledge in the field.

Data Visualization of Kaggle ML / Data Science Survey 2017

This is my first ever data analysis on my blog and I am excited to show what I have worked on with the Kaggle ML and Data Science Survey 2017.